D&T Fidget spinner

For my fidget spinner I originally thought that I would only need two wings, but it turns out that I needed four for a more balanced spin. The challenge of building the fidget spinner was trying not to burn my hand. The bearing for the fidget spinner was also very greasy therefore the glue had trouble latching onto the bearing, this was problematic yet I leapt over the hurdle. I did try to make two wings work but to no avail, this is why I added two more wings. I think the two wings didn’t work because it wasn’t balanced properly.

D&T Wooden Tool Box

During this D&T project we constructed a tool box with Minimum adult help. We started with cutting all the pieces of wood to The required measurements. Then for the front and back vertical pieces we had to glue the pieces together, so that they made one seamless wider plank. After that we had to get a big drill to make a hole, on the top of the plank. Then what we did was glue the side pieces onto the main board and nail them in more so that they will last longer. And then we did the same for the front and back pieces. Then to glue the dowel across the tool box, I had to put the dowel halfway through the holes, then glue each end, then pushed it all the way through. After that all I had to do was sand down the whole tool box so that it would be smooth, and not a splinter hazard. The funnest part of all this, sawing the wood because it was a new experience and was exciting. A new skill was sawing wood. The tool box was quicker to build than I expected. I don’t think that I would need or want to change any of the process. This was glueing the two pieces together so that it would make a wider board for the front and back.This was glueing the side pieces then putting the nails through them.this was after putting the front and back pieces onto the main board.This was after putting the front and side pieces onto the main boardThis is the final product.

D&T Pin Cushions

In design and tech, I started building my pin cushion by drawing a fifteenby fifteen centimetre box, in my notebook. Within that box I drew a simple two dimensional two legged creature, then I cut out the drawing. After that I got two different coloured pieces of cloth, and traced the animal onto the cloth pieces with a orange pencil. Then after that was done I got two white buttons and sewed them onto where the ‘head’ was. Then we put the two pieces of cloth on top of eacother, with there buttons touching. This was so we where sewing it inside out, while leaving a small gap at the top of the creature. After doing that we flipped the creature inside out, and stuffed it, by putting ‘cotton like stuffing’ through the small gap. When the creature was fully stuffed we sewed the little gap tightly, so the stuffing won’t escape. I think the most rewarding part was seeing the final product, and the most challenging was flipping it inside out.

Study skills reflection

My personal focus this semester in class is math. I need to practice mental math and number sense. This semester we have also done things like note taking and goal setting.
I think that I’m meeting all the learning habits. I feel happiest about perseverance, because last semester I was very lazy and not perservant at all. This also means that I get all my homework done before the due date and get better grades. I don’t think that I need to work on much, but I need to remember to bring a pencil.
I feel best about having no late homework assignments and better math grades. I feel good about that because when I had a lot of missing assignment I felt bad but now I feel like I can stay after school and play ball. I think that says that I have changed a lot as a learner over the semester.
I need to work on mental math. I need to work on mental math and division because it will make math tests much easier therefore getting me better grades. One goal I can set is to be able to to a multi digit division problems.
I feel happy with my performance in study skills and as much as I have fun I also do a lot of work. I feel good about this semester.



GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 

Sit with different people.

Talk less.

Sit with different people 

Sit further away from friends so I won’t talk.

GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 
  Get all meeting.

Practice hand writing.


 Work hard.

 Practice handwriting. 
GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 

  Practice mental math

Practice diviosn 

Practice mental math at homework. 

Practice diviosn


GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted be able to talk goal): 
 Be able to read French

 Be able to talk full sentence

Practice reading french 

 Practice talking full sentences.


GOAL/ GOALS: (Realistic, Action steps, Measure, Checkpoints, Specific/ Targeted goal): 
Get better endurance 

Get better running stamina 

Practice endurance

  Practice stamina.





Bailey Has Fun in Australia (with family)

Bailey James Kopar Mcintosh is an Australian born in cairns, he currently lives in India and attends AES. Bailey went to Australia for his winter break and meets his family.


In Queensland Bailey first went to the Gold Coast. There he stayed in an apartment complex with his extended family. His whole family consists of: Nuni (grandfather), Tetei (grandmother), Kate (aunt), Tony (aunt’s boyfriend), toniesha (Tony’s daughter), zeke (cousin), Eva (cousin), Ethan (cousin). Thelma (mum), Jason (dad). While Bailey was in the Gold Coast he went on a jet ski, watched Star Wars: rogue one, and get caught in a rip. In between doing these things Bailey hung out with his extended family. One night in Brisbane Bailey got to see a cousin that he’s never met before, his name is Ethan. After two weeks in the Gold Coast, Bailey and his whole family went back to Brisbane for two days, Brisbane is also where his extended family lives.


While in Adelaide, Bailey and his family stayed with his great grandmother, nana Roona. Bailey mostly was at nana Roona’s place for his week long visit, but when he wasn’t Bailey was at barbecues. Another thing he did was go visit his great grandfather who has alzheimer’s. On the last day Bailey and his family had dinner with nana Roona, during this time Bailey was blessed with the opportunity to eat kangaroo meat, he took this opportunity with acceptance. He stated that kangaroo fillet tastes like a mix between chicken and steak. After the week he was there, Bailey and his family went back to Brisbane for two more days. 


Bailey had a great time during his visit in Australia. He got to see all his extended family. He also got to see people he never met before. Bailey also said that he got to eat the terrific food of Australia.

Artifact project

I chose to do this artifact because it looked unique and I knew no one was going to choose it. The steps to this project was choose a artifact from the four city’s that we did, then we research and get sources, next we get a photo of the artifact and put every thing into the slide.