Study skills reflection

My personal focus this semester in class is math. I need to practice mental math and number sense. This semester we have also done things like note taking and goal setting.
I think that I’m meeting all the learning habits. I feel happiest about perseverance, because last semester I was very lazy and not perservant at all. This also means that I get all my homework done before the due date and get better grades. I don’t think that I need to work on much, but I need to remember to bring a pencil.
I feel best about having no late homework assignments and better math grades. I feel good about that because when I had a lot of missing assignment I felt bad but now I feel like I can stay after school and play ball. I think that says that I have changed a lot as a learner over the semester.
I need to work on mental math. I need to work on mental math and division because it will make math tests much easier therefore getting me better grades. One goal I can set is to be able to to a multi digit division problems.
I feel happy with my performance in study skills and as much as I have fun I also do a lot of work. I feel good about this semester.

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