D&T Pin Cushions

In design and tech, I started building my pin cushion by drawing a fifteenby fifteen centimetre box, in my notebook. Within that box I drew a simple two dimensional two legged creature, then I cut out the drawing. After that I got two different coloured pieces of cloth, and traced the animal onto the cloth pieces with a orange pencil. Then after that was done I got two white buttons and sewed them onto where the ‘head’ was. Then we put the two pieces of cloth on top of eacother, with there buttons touching. This was so we where sewing it inside out, while leaving a small gap at the top of the creature. After doing that we flipped the creature inside out, and stuffed it, by putting ‘cotton like stuffing’ through the small gap. When the creature was fully stuffed we sewed the little gap tightly, so the stuffing won’t escape. I think the most rewarding part was seeing the final product, and the most challenging was flipping it inside out.

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