My courage essay


I think that courage is standing up for what you believe in.I know a few people who have courage and I’m gonna show you just who they are MUHAMMAD ALI,BENJAMIN BANNEKER AND Me 🙂

First I’ll tell you about Benjamin Banneker.
Benjamin grew up a free mans life. He had all the time in the world to wonder about the stars and moon and how the sun knew when to rise every day. Benjamin also thought that slavery was wrong. Later on when he was about thirty he decided That he will right an almanac because he wanted to prove whites wrong. At that time white people thought that black people weren’t as smart as they are this is because most black people were slaves and didn’t have enough time to prove that they were as smart as white people. Benjamin said to himself I will right an almanac even if it evolves me to stay up even when everyone’s asleep. When Benjamin finished his almanac he set off to town to have it published. Every publisher refused to publish his almanac because of his skin. Benjamin’s hope began to shrivel.
Benjamin decided to right a letter to Thomas Jefferson asking to sign his name to the declaration which guaranteed “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” for all? Finally Thomas Jefferson published Benjamin’s almanac. In December 1791 store owners started to sell Benjamin’s almanac became a hit almanac and was best seller.

Now I will tell you about Muhammad Ali.
Muhammad Ali was a great boxer and also a great poet he was one who made float like a butterfly sting like a bee. Muhammad Ali was asked to fight in World War I but Ali refused because of his religion which made him lose his champion ship.

Now I will tell you about me. When I was seven I was scared of the dark so I forced myself to shut the door and sleep with the lights off and from now on I sleep in the dark