Bailey Has Fun in Australia (with family)

Bailey James Kopar Mcintosh is an Australian born in cairns, he currently lives in India and attends AES. Bailey went to Australia for his winter break and meets his family.


In Queensland Bailey first went to the Gold Coast. There he stayed in an apartment complex with his extended family. His whole family consists of: Nuni (grandfather), Tetei (grandmother), Kate (aunt), Tony (aunt’s boyfriend), toniesha (Tony’s daughter), zeke (cousin), Eva (cousin), Ethan (cousin). Thelma (mum), Jason (dad). While Bailey was in the Gold Coast he went on a jet ski, watched Star Wars: rogue one, and get caught in a rip. In between doing these things Bailey hung out with his extended family. One night in Brisbane Bailey got to see a cousin that he’s never met before, his name is Ethan. After two weeks in the Gold Coast, Bailey and his whole family went back to Brisbane for two days, Brisbane is also where his extended family lives.


While in Adelaide, Bailey and his family stayed with his great grandmother, nana Roona. Bailey mostly was at nana Roona’s place for his week long visit, but when he wasn’t Bailey was at barbecues. Another thing he did was go visit his great grandfather who has alzheimer’s. On the last day Bailey and his family had dinner with nana Roona, during this time Bailey was blessed with the opportunity to eat kangaroo meat, he took this opportunity with acceptance. He stated that kangaroo fillet tastes like a mix between chicken and steak. After the week he was there, Bailey and his family went back to Brisbane for two more days. 


Bailey had a great time during his visit in Australia. He got to see all his extended family. He also got to see people he never met before. Bailey also said that he got to eat the terrific food of Australia.

Artifact project

I chose to do this artifact because it looked unique and I knew no one was going to choose it. The steps to this project was choose a artifact from the four city’s that we did, then we research and get sources, next we get a photo of the artifact and put every thing into the slide.

Cuneiform Challenge

The picture translates to “birth of writing”

This experience was important because we got to look and understand there form of writing.

I learnt that the acieant people were very open minded and intuitive. Because when everyone was “writing” detailed drawings of what they were trying to put on the page, and so when one guy came up with the idea of doing a more abstract style of writing, instead of refusing to follow that new style of writing and sticking with there old style they started writing the more advanced system.